What Happens If We Don’t Renew Our Local Business Aggregator Listings

When purchasing Local Business Aggregator Submissions with On-Target SEO, your business listings are managed and marked with a trusted data stamp for 12 months. This data stamp also enables you to update your listing for free within this 12 month period if you have a name change,  address, phone, or some other element of your normal listing.

Local search experts recommend keeping your aggregator listings claimed and trusted.

The major benefit of renewing your submission to data aggregators is that your data retains it’s ‘trusted’ status within aggregator feeds to 3rd party directory sites. This means that 3rd party sites see this data as being more ‘official’ and are less likely to overwrite it with data crawled/imported from other less-accurate sources.

This also helps to ensure that your listing won’t be deleted from these 3rd parties directory sites, as they are spending money to purchase this data from the aggregators to keep their directories up-to-date and accurate.

There is a fee to renew your submissions with the aggregators to keep your data trusted. It is the same amount as the original submission, and unfortunately, there is NO automated renewal setting; therefore, On-Target SEO will manage the renewals for you.  Each year we will email our clients to gain their authorization, then proceed with the re-submission, payment, and confirmation.