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There are over 200+ factors that Google’s Ranking Algorithm considers when sorting which websites are worthy of page one listings.  Of these 200+, there are critical factors that CANNOT be ignored and there are many, many minor factors which you have to ask yourself; “is it worth fussing with just for a little boost?”  As mobile browsers gain in popularity and as sites become more grand with high-res images, we are noticing that Site Speed is quickly working its way into the top-tiers of ranking factors!

What Google Says

Google has said time and again that a fast site helps you to rank better. Just last year, Google launched the so-called ‘Speed Update’ making site speed a ranking factor for mobile searches. According to new research by Google, the average mobile site takes over fifteen seconds to load.  This is a problem when our phones are more powerful and people expect sites to load in less than three seconds before they consider leaving altogether. Obviously, every second counts, as conversions drop sharply with every moment that a potential customer waits for your site to load.

Reasons For Improving Your Site Speed

Google says it’s important, and here are some other good reasons to improve the loading speed of your site:

  • Site speed is a ranking factor
  • Fast sites are easier for ALL search engines to crawl
  • Faster loading sites have higher conversion rates (also a ranking factor)
  • Bounce rates are reduced (also a ranking factor)
  • It improves general user experience (less stress!)

It all boils down to this

Improve your site speed if you want happy customers and happy search engines! And who doesn’t want that, right?

Test Your Own Site Speed

If you’d like to test your site, click the button below for the Official Google Website Speed Tester (It is Free and DIY)

What If Your Site Scores Below 50

If your site rates below a 50 (bottom score for average sites) you should consider having your site tuned-up.

We can help.  Our own site was below 50 earlier this year and ranking began to suffer, so we got busy formulating a new solution that can be applied to other WordPress websites.  We would be happy to apply this same strategy to your site.

Just give us a call or drop us a note.  Contact Us in Grand Rapids or Contact Us in Ocala, FL


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