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Think Like a Shopping Mall

Why is mall shopping so popular? Could be the great sport of people watching, or it could be that people like to have easy access to multiple products, each organized into individual stores, with window displays that help us decide before entering, Then once we do step through the door, we find sales racks, friendly help, and easy checkout (except at Christmas). Your website needs to adopt this format. Your site is the mall. The landing pages are the stores. The window displays are your PPC ads, Local Listings, and Search Engine rankings. You need a warm reception at each page with compelling offers, friendly help, and an easy path to checkout. It’s a system that works for huge chain stores, and it can work for you.

Website Architecture

It’s not called website design, because it is much more than creating a fancy looking site. Website architecture involves a very strategic blue print bringing together appearance, organization, visitor flow, customer conversion, and relationship building.

Here’s How It Works

  • Analysis

    First we need to see what is working well and what isn’t by reviewing historical tracking data. If none exists we start by installing modules to begin collection.

  • Goals

    Business goals and website goals need to be discussed and aligned.

  • Organization

    The site needs to offer multiple landing pages allowing different visitors to quickly access what they are looking for. The home page is usually not a very good landing page.

  • Appeal

    Your site needs to be visually attractive, with compelling offers, and above all realative information based on the keywords targeted.

  • Conversion

    Each landing page must have an easy path for helping your visitors become customers.

  • Tracking

    Conversion funnels are created and monitored for valuable feedback helping to maximize conversions and minimizing bounce rate.

A beautiful site and all the SEO in the world is NO GOOD without converting visitors into customers!

You need a website that performs as great as it looks which is why On-Target SEO is proud to offer Website Architecture as a service.

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