Forbes Website is Hacked by the Chinese

One of our security partners, WordFence, just published an article about the Forbes website attack and what it might mean for your business. The article explains that the “watering hole” attack was designed to plant malware which actually targeted visitors to the Forbes website – specifically employees of defense contractors and banks.  The article explains that ultimately the hackers were hoping their malware would install itself on the visitor’s workstation, giving the intruder access to the internal networks of their intended targets. The article goes on to explain the type of attack, how it was detected, and what has been done about it. Read full article here:

This is not a situation that is unique to big companies like Forbes Magazine. Here at On-Target SEO, we’ve seen first hand situations where hackers have attempted to gain access to our clients’ small business websites right here in Ocala and Grand Rapids. Before he had the proper security in place, one of our Ocala client’s websites was hacked and over 300,000 spam emails were sent in one weekend from a business email attached to his website. As a result, the hosting company shut down his company emails.

We get asked all the time why a hacker would want to attack a small business website in Grand Rapids, Michigan or Ocala, Florida (where our offices are located). Well, the WordFence article also encourages the reader to “Take a moment to think about who visits your site and how much protecting their network matters to you as a WordPress site owner.” As I contemplated this question, I began to recognize at least one reason why a Chinese hacker might be interested in our local business websites. Ocala is home to a system assembly and high-rate production facility for our country’s #1 defense contractor, Lockheed Martin. And, the Western Michigan/Grand Rapids area has its share of defense contracting business as well: GE Aviation, L3, Woodward, Precision Aerospace, Eaton Corporation and Jedco.

So, if your business has a WordPress website, make sure it is secure for the protection of your business and your visitors. On-Target SEO is a local business in both Ocala, Florida and Grand Rapids, Michigan and we provide free website security evaluations for businesses with WordPress websites. Get more information now…