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Master These 3 Basics If You Want To Win The SEO Game In 2020

The “SEO Game” continues to change from year-to-year because Google purposely changes the rules and there is NO published rule book; however, just like in football, the basics are the basics and if done with purpose and excellence you will win the game every time.  Do you need the other hundred SEO strategies that make […]


There are over 200+ factors that Google’s Ranking Algorithm considers when sorting which websites are worthy of page one listings.  Of these 200+, there are critical factors that CANNOT be ignored and there are many, many minor factors which you have to ask yourself; “is it worth fussing with just for a little boost?”  As […]

Getting Reviews – Two Schemes to Avoid

Getting good reviews and managing potentially bad reviews is what online reputation management is all about.  This is also a very large topic, so in this article I only want to address getting good reviews, and more specifically two schemes that seem quite wise, but could get you in big trouble with Google.   When I […]

Martin Luther King Jr. – Quotes to Live By

On-Target SEO wants to honor Martin Luther King Jr. for his vision of what could be.  Words are powerful and have meaning; so here are a few great quotes that can help ALL of us to live better, wiser and more free! “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend” […]

Email Hackers or Spoofers

Email spam, we all get our share, and we all dislike (hate) them. Do these senders really think we want what they are selling after they rudely bombard us with their advertising?  What we often don’t realize is that the sending email address is often not the offender.  The process is called outbound spamming, and […]

Forbes Website is Hacked by the Chinese

One of our security partners, WordFence, just published an article about the Forbes website attack and what it might mean for your business. The article explains that the “watering hole” attack was designed to plant malware which actually targeted visitors to the Forbes website – specifically employees of defense contractors and banks.  The article explains that […]

3 Simple Steps to SECURE your WordPress Website

Let me start by saying that no site is completely secure, and these three steps won’t drop a 12 inch wall of steel around your website, but they will help your website hide from potential hackers, and if they can’t find you, they can’t hurt you.  I also believe that hackers are generally lazy and […]